tom victor
game designer // 3D artist
Summon The Gob with your friends and collect the best treasure in this multiplayer game of bets, tricks and wits!

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Encounter a strange creature and find out what your secret powers are in this short visual novel with dress-up and combat elements.

The Magical App demo was developed for the Pixelles+Popagenda exhibition with Lucie Viatgé.

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A randomized detective game for 1-2 players set in a highschool for veggie students. Play it with a printer to get a map you can use in your investigation!

Inspector Woof was developed with Héloïse Lozano and Lucie Viatgé for the Fantastic Arcade bundle .

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➥ Press: PasteMagazine
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Swipe into your demons!

This project started with Winnie Song is on hold. It's a pocket tactics game where you have to protect the heart of an anxious teen using the manifestation of their inner demons :)

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Control an entire crowd of animals just with 1 joystick in this riot-themed beat'em all.

Anarcute was developed by 4 friends and I during our last years as students, as part of the ID@Xbox program. It was released on Steam and consoles and is the biggest game I have worked on.

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Experience what it's like to be stranded on Mars.

Naut is a 1-2 player game developped over 48h for the Desert Bus game jam, with the theme "Shelter", by Lucie Viatgé, Titouan Millet and myself.

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➥ Press: Polygon /The Verge /Oujevipo
In a desperate underground future, brave twelve urban jobs in a limited time, become rich, famous, a star, the new Employee of the Month !

12$ is a short multiplayer arcade game inspired by the 12 Labours of Heracles, developped for the Retro (No) Future Game Jam with Lucie Viatgé and Titouan Millet.

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Guide 4 psychic thiefs in a heist through dimensions, and self-cooperate as the screen keeps splitting up!

Ex-Fraktion is a Ludum Dare game made with Flex Roman and Lucas Maupin in 3 days.

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Run, jump, and splat your body against the wall to try to match a projected silhouette.

No Pain No Gain is a jam game created with Loïc, Tim and Pierre during the Zoomachines Festival.

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