hi i'm tom, i do games and 3D!

reach me on twitter or by mail, i'd be glad to help

new worksss

Anarcute, a riot-themed beat'em all full of sparkly-eyed animals, that I worked on with 5 friends during my studies.

website - itch.io - steam
Inspector Woof, a procedural veggie investigation for up to 2 players done with my friends Héloïse and Lucie!

play it in the fantastic arcade bundle 2016

what i'm working on these days

Kokosol, my personnal project, in which you play as a kid who has to make friends to escape a time-loop.
And a multiplayer fast-paced pet-fighting game with Lucie Viatgé! yep that's the same picture twice

other older projects

hey watch what i can do with 3ds max and photoshop lol

other cool infos

I'm part of the french art/game collective Klondike, graduated from Supinfogame.
This page shows only the projects I'm comfortable with, I was a designer and programmer on them.
I'm currently working at Square Enix Montreal as a junior game designer.
I speak german, enjoy cooking and playing boardgames with friends
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