🤖 i'm tom - i do games and some 3D! 🤖

part of the klondike collective - send me an e-mail

⌛ current projects ⌛

Magical App, a visual novel full of dress-ups and personality tests for fans of magical girl animes! Made with Lucie Viatge.
Mild Demons, a compact tactics game. Swipe onto your fears, feed your demons! Made with Winnie Song.
⭐ released games! ⭐

Anarcute, a riot-themed beat'em all full of sparkly-eyed animals made with 5 friends.

official website - itch.io - steam - switch
Inspector Woof, a procedural veggie investigation for up to 2 players done with my friends Héloïse and Lucie!

play it in the fantastic arcade bundle 2016

👁️ 3d modelling and drawings 🖊️