tom victor
game designer // 3D artist
In Gargouille, gather with your friends and summon the Gob, a giant creature obsessed with Gems and other treasures. Partake in the Gob's strange rituals, outsmart your opponents, and amass the biggest Treasure a Goblin could dream of!

The Ceremony

To determine who's the best Treasure collector, the Gob will make you play through 4 Rituals, each with their own rules. Rituals may ask you to bet on the winner of a race, to plant flowers in gardens, to fill jars with beans...

Each Ritual is divided into Days, Nights and Mornings:
  • During Days, discuss strats with your team and come up with a plan.
  • During Nights, enact your plans in the dark, and hope for the best.
  • On Mornings, your actions are revealed. Did you make the right choice?

The Arena

The Rituals take place over a big platform controlled by the Gob.
While the Rituals may seem simple, the Arena is also a field to master:
  • Explore every room to discover the Ritual's secrets!
  • Close doors to have a private conversation or block your opponents.
  • Find strange characters waiting in the different corners of the Arena.

Team cooperation

Although each Ritual is different, what they have in common is that you'll often need to bet, invest ressources, and push your luck.

Because resources are divided among teammates, you'll need to come up with a strategy together if you want a chance to score big.

For example, in the Bean Jars Ritual, the team that puts the most Beans in a Jar will score a Treasure. You'll need to agree with your team on which Jar is worth scoring, and how many Beans you think you'll need to invest!

Gathering informations

In the Rituals, many important informations are hidden, and you'll often have to make guesses to decide on the best play.

By spending some rare items, you can reveal secret informations to your team, make more informed decisions and get the upper hand in a Ritual!

For example, in the Beans Jar game, spending a Revealer lets you see if a Jar is already filled, and better know how many Beans you'd need to put inside.

▼ Dev pics from Gargouille ▼
Various gifs I recorded during Gargouille's development.

A concept art of the Gob and vector icons used in the game for collectible items/treasures/teams.

Examples of Ritual Rules for the Bean Jars and Sun Gardens minigames.
This is my current solo project! Though I hope to partner up with artists and composers once I have a solid prototype, I've been using this project as an opportunity to learn 3D with blender, and network code with Mirror.

A big source of inspiration for Gargouille is the TV Show The Genius in which celebrities compete in life-sized boardgames, forming alliances and betraying each other. I was fascinated by the format and started to look for a way to translate it into short multiplayer sessions.

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