tom victor
game designer // 3D artist

Magical App

Magical App is a visual novel demo developped for the Pixelles + Popagenda event at Arsenal.

Lucie Viatgé worked on the art direction, writing, and concept. On my side I did the code, UI, VFX, dress-up shaders, and a simple combat system.

We had this concept for a mobile game with dress-up sequences and a gameplay based on "personality tests", where you would obtain unique abilities or clothes by answering questions.

➥ Download Magical App (windows demo)

Wake up and meet the Mascot

The game begins with a quick dress-up sequence during which you can customize your character by browsing through colors and types of hair/shirts/pants and more...

On your way to school, you encounter The Mascot, a mysterious creature who needs your help and wants to hide in your backpack!

Transformation Sequence

Near the end of the demo, your character transforms and reveals their unique powers.

Depending on the choices you've made in the story, you get assigned one of 7 different flower types, and a unique Magical suit randomly generated out of a bunch of possible clothes.

The video was recorded during the Pixelles+Popagenda exhibition and shows the transformation sequence.

Time to Battle

The game concludes with a short fight sequence designed just for the demo.

The gameplay is inspired by pool: you drag characters on the screen to throw them towards the enemies, then they perform an automatic attack. Once you've thrown all your fighters, it's the enemies' turn to attack!

In a complete version of the game, the fights would be more tactical and you would be able to sync with friends to add their characters to your game, to build a unique squad of characters, each with their own looks and powers.

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