tom victor
game designer // 3D artist

Mild Demons

Mild Demons is a concept for a tactics game meant for mobile playable simply by swiping anywhere on the screen in one of 6 possible directions.

The project was started with Winnie Song who did design and art, while I did design and code; although we stopped working on it due to a lack of time, I hope to come back to it at some point!


In Mild Demons you control a squad composed of your protagonist and their demons (a Mild Demon, core to their story + additional lesser demons you can gather along the way).

The game is played by moving them around to clear each room of opponents and find an exit. All your characters move simultaneously in the direction you choose, and hit obstacles or enemies that stand in their way.

Each character has their own ability, and might not necessarily deal damage to opponents. When you line up multiple of your characters, it boosts the capacity of the one standing in front.

A vulnerable kiddo

Every protag in Mild Demons is a fragile teenager with their very own little anxiety, which makes them ideal targets for wild demons: if they get hit, they faint instantly!

However, every demon that joins your squad acts as a heart surrogate, and can endure a bit of damage for you.

The Mild Demon is your main source of protection, initially the only violence you can oppose to all the threats coming your way.
Character concepts by Winnie Song, and character select menu test