tom victor
game designer // 3D artist
Hello, and thanks for visiting my portfolio! My name is Tom (he/him), I am a game developer based in Montreal.

  • I can do game design, code gameplay in C#, make VFXs, shaders, 3D assets and UI.

  • On projects, I like to bridge the gap between designers and artists to help everyone's vision find its place in the game.

  • I have an open work visa, am available for remote work and can speak french, english and german.

Below are examples of what I could do for your project. If you're interested, e-mail me at :)

Game design / Gameplay programming
For the past 4 years, I worked at Square-Enix Montreal as a Game Designer on a mobile RPG and a Space Invaders AR game.
During that time I designed systems, coded gameplay prototypes, but also worked on improving feedbacks with VFXs for power-ups and UI elements. Contact me if you want more details about my work at SEM.

UI integration / UX
I'm familiar with designing UI, implementing it, and thinking through every aspect of the UX on a game.

3D Modelling / Texturing
Hire me to make props and characters! I use mainly Blender and 3DS Max, but I'm also familiar with Zbrush, and I prefer to make models with flat and handpainted textures. Although it's not my expertise, I can do basic rigging, and help with unity integration, including by making non-PBR shaders to achieve unique renders.

Particle Effects / Shaders
I'm experienced with Unity's particle system as well as Amplify/Shader Graph/ShaderForge, so I can make all kinds of VFXs in Unity.